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Candy Sticks
Handspun yarn using Art Club's Mystery batt!

    Marie-Christine Gosse

I have hand carded île de France wool with banana tree, handspun it on a drop spindle and plyed it with a novelty yarn, Christmas theme one.

    handspun yarn/              
    Melissa Halvorson/Year of the Goat

I've been spinning a bunch of this local Blue Faced Leicester without bothering to dye it because it's so incredible as is. This is a two-ply thick and thin yarn with my own black kid mohair locks cocooned around abstract felt petals. The petals are Nuno felted (wool fused directly onto silk chiffon using wet felting techniques).
    handspun yarn/              
    Shannon Herrick/The Spun Monkey

Moon Rocks is crafted from a gorgeous, fluffy white romney I had not the heart to dip into a pot of dye. She gets her flecks of color from bits of dyed corriedale locks carded in and there's just the right amount of opal angelina for shine.
    handspun yarn/              
    Joyce Abbott/Banadura

This yarn (calling it "Fuzzy Wuzzy") is spun up from a roving called Sweetpea that I combined with some very light pastel mohair locks.
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    Erin Suliak/Sulicat

Icicle is made of a BFL top I handcarded with bamboo top and a bit of angelina sparkle. This was spun up alternating with some BFL locks and plied with a fine cotton thread and beads. The beads are like drops of water falling off melting icicles, although this soft yarn is definitely not cold!
    handspun yarn/              
    Joy Hayworth/Fabulosity Yarns

Plain and simple, Chiengora is handspun dog hair. In this case, the hair of a gorgeous Samoyed named Koda who belongs to my mother-in-law, Linda. Koda is one well groomed dog, and I get to reap all the benefits of his super soft undercoat after he has been bathed and brushed out.

I collected Koda’s fluff for several months before undertaking this project; I spun right from the bag of clean fur so the yarn is thick and thin in style. Total yardage for this skein comes to 166 yards, WPI=10. I have not seen it personally, but have read that once Chiengora is worked into a project it will halo out, similar to angora in appearance.

    handspun yarn/              

Parisian Twist
Local Romney and Targhee fleece handcarded with organic bamboo and black Merino, with a hint of brown Alpaca. Locks tailspun and polkadot flannel twist spun (not tied) into the singles and then plied onto itself. All natural colored fleece.
    handspun yarn/
    Tara/Blonde Chicken              
    handspun yarn/
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

Witchy White Garden
    handspun yarn/              
    S.Kate Hutchison/Spindlecat Studio

From my wedding dress
    handspun yarn/              
    Laura Mead/Laura's Pygoras              
    handspun yarn/              
    Cindy Cole/StudioLoo

This is soft bright white superwash Merino spun with some iridescent light purple angelina sparkle, spun bubbly and coiled with thread.

    handspun yarn/              
    Anne Valentin              
    handspun yarn/              
    Aimee Knerr/Pancake and Lulu

Isn't this name pretentious? I just thought it looked so Greek and with Valentine's Day so close...I spun a single with alternating sections of Merino and mohair curly locks, and then plied with a silver metallic gimp and mohair boucle. There are a few supercoils and some iridescent thin thread tangles thrown in. In places I let the plying threads go mad and wrap back and forth over one another creating beautiful wrapped slubs that remind me of Greek sandals...

    handspun yarn/              
    Jennifer Schermerhorn/Whirled Yarn

Kid Mohair puff spun on a metallic silver thread core, plied with metallic silver thread strung with snowflake sequins and tiny snowflake ornaments.
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Spinners were asked to submit their handspun images of yarn that is , all white or mostly white colored yarn. Submissions no longer being accepted. Info about submitting to other shows...