the yarn museum   Gallery: Silk Show August 2008
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    Veronika von Allmen/Snowberry & Lime

"Hydrangea" Tussah silk, DK weight yarn
    handspun fix/jacey boggs/              
    Naomi Ryono/Knottynaomi

100% tussah silk dyed by Carrie of Funky Carolina
    Marie-Christine Gosse

This is my silk hankies handspun 2 ply with linen thread on my drop spindle. The hankies have been hand dyed by Holly Eqq.
    Michael Cook/Wormspit

This is my color box for needle-painting embroidery; the spools each have 85 yards of four-strand reeled tram, dyed with acid dyes. The box is kind of cool, too - it's designed to hold artist's pastels, and the slots are the perfect size for these small embroidery tubes.
    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

Tussah silk, spun on a wheel by me, dyed by Robin Russo.
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Spinners were asked to submit their silk yarns, reeled or spun. Submissions are still being accepted. Info...