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    Silvia/From the Sheep's Back

This is hair from my Alsation Dog, Kaiser, spun with a different variety of fibres.

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    Jenny Turco/Bee’s Knees Knitting

Handspun natural black Romney/Monteldale/Romeldale cross wool with hand-dyed tussah silk, rayon and bombyx silk. Spun with sections of: black sequins; heavy black ribbon with metal studs and bells; copper/black glitter eyelash thread. Spun with a black cotton thread throughout.

This yarn was pushing the limits for me, since I’d never added anything as heavy as the cotton ribbon with the studs and bells attached. I had to work out a system to hold it to the yarn, and it was worth it!
    Shannon Herrick/The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe

Its name is Giggleworm, and is composed of uncarded mohair in radioactive greens, yellow and grey, plied super curly-wiggly-like, with sections of slick black tencel wrapped up in the plying thread, and a smattering of pink recycled sari silk coils.

It pushed my patience a bit, when switching between the wild, uncarded mohair to the slippery tencel, and spinning the tencel tight enough to withstand being plied. It was an exercise in extremes between vastly different textures and contrasting colors.
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    Melissa M Baker/Moustacherides Yarn

"Underwater" is spun from wool, plastic potato sack shreds, real moss.
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    Barbe Saint John/Saints & Sinners
Sweeney Todd - ceramic doll parts, antique Victorian lace, vintage silk scrap, raw wool.

This yarn "pushes the boundaries" for a couple reasons. One is the mere subject matter which inspired it - meat pies made of kidnapped then murdered people, being sold to unsuspecting customers. The crimes of false advertisement, kidnapping, murder and cannibalism all in one shot!

Another was the materials. Spinning such large yet fragile shapes was difficult and time consuming, Only being able to get about 17 yards on the bobbin was very frustrating and disappointing. Also, I had to keep forcing myself NOT to go brighter with the colors but keep them very muted and unappealing, like typical gravy in a meat pasty. However I am very happy with the end result of this. I was able to convey the horror of discovery of what was in the pies with this yarn.
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    Lindsay/Elysium Yarns

The Flying Dutchman

    handspun yarn/

Spun with every left over fiber I could find. The yarn includes: hemp, Merino, Angora, soy silk, New Zealand wool, etc... the list goes on! In the end it was plied with cotton thread. It was tough to spin this yarn due to all the different fibers. Some fibers were smooth sailing, while others put up a fight. It was still fun to spin!
    "handspun" yarn/              

Pale Courier: Wool, Reflective yarn, reflective patches, and bicycle innertube slivers.
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    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

In addition to wools, I wanted to see what it'd be like to spin in feathers and straw/raffia. I was trying to see what my wheel could accommodate.
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    Lexi Boeger/Pluckyfluff

It is SUPER BULKY....the wide spots are 2"+. Rainbow dyed hemp, shredded silk scarves, silk and copper SOS pads.






Spinners were asked to submit their handspun images that pushed boundaries of any kind. Submissions no longer being accepted. Info...