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    Christine Schwartz

Indian Corn, Silk Hankies

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    Shannon Herrick/The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe

For SeaSong, I carded up undyed hemp and soysilk with lots of recycled sari in shades of ocean-y blues and sunshine-y yellow. Spun up as worsted weight single.
    Stephanie Nericcio/Stitch Ewe Yarns

Beach Baby
This yarn was inspired by my time at the beach. The base is hemp fibers with 2 different pink sparkles, pink and yellow recycled silk threads, shredded muslin, and pink/white flowers.

    Lee Juvan

3-ply spun from ramie top, about 20 wraps per inch (1,225 yards per pound), with 11/0 silver-lined clear Japanese glass seed beads strung onto singles before plying.
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    Brenna Flood/brennx0ryarn

100% silk
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Organic Rose
This is a self striping single ply handspun yarn in fiber all hand dyed by HollyEQQ. The yarn is made from silk noils, bamboo, linen, and angelina and is a no wool alternative approach to handspun. It is soft and lovely like an organic rose, which is how it got its name.
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    Naomi Ryono/Knotty Naomi

A single spun from bamboo dyed by HollyEQQ. She called this colourway "Night Dancer."

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    Michelle Snowdon/Wooldancer

Handdyed bamboo, accented with ingeo coils, plied with silver thread.

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    Julie/Flawful Fibers & Yarns

Recycled cotton neps, seacell fiber - natural & dyed, hand-dyed silk noils, soy silk, ingeo (corn fiber), bamboo, tussah silk, firestar, and hand-dyed bombyx silk.
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Gina Surridge/Twisted Fibers

I spun this yarn from cotton, and handpainted the finished single in blueberry and oatmeal tones. I then plied it with a strand of silk, handpainted in blue tones.

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    Marlana/Stitching for Sanity
100% cotton with pink cotton sewing thread
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    Jenny Turco/Bee's Knees Knitting

Exotica - hand-painted, handspun yarn in Bamboo.
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    Crys Mascarenas/PolyartGirl

This was my first vegan yarn. It's Ingeo, Ecospun, and Angelina. It came out very soft and sparkley. I'm planning to knit it into a waterproof purse using a recycled grocery bag as a liner.
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Spinners were asked to submit their handspun images that included anything except wool. Submissions no longer being accepted. Please submit to other shows!