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Backstreet Boys "Everybody"
    handspun fix/jacey boggs/              

Susan Ringler/Out of Step Yarn

This skein is inspired by the song “The Day The World Turned Dayglo” by X-Ray Spex. It’s a bulky weight of natural black Shetland cross, dayglo pink and orange with angelina sparkle plied with a black cotton thread.

    Janet LaMonte/Woolthing
Overdyed alpaca, silk thread and fabric, nylon guitar picks and glass teardrop beads. It is inspired by "As My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison.

Spun under the influence of the ever so haunting...Cat Power, "The Greatest".

    handspun yarn/              
    Jess R/Milkyrobot
    handspun yarn/              

Brenda Collins

"Nightswimming" was created while I was thinking about R.E.M.'s song of the same title. R.E.M. is my favorite band and their music has helped me through many tough times. The yarn is constructed from different blue shades of mostly Border Leicester fleece with a small amount of Shetland. Added in is some black flash to simulate the water sparkling under the moonlight and white silk to show the big areas of light reflection. This single was thread plied with turquoise
Infinity soysilk.

    handspun yarn/
    Shannon Herrick/The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe

September Cones
This is an ode to my ongoing love affair with Robyn Hitchcock, crafted for my favorite song, September Cones. On a mild Autumn day, my little boy and I gathered all the tiny fir cones for this piece, and then strung them up with bits of mohair thread. Some of the fir cones did not like this, but the survivors were spun right into a yarn made from a handcarded batt consisting of Coopworth wool, straw-colored sari silk, raw flax and natural chocolate-brown alpaca. Also added to this bulky single were needle-felted Autumn leaves...oak and other..."right from my skin, down to my bones..." oh, Robyn.

    handspun yarn/              
    Laila/Rawfish Designs

A yarn based on the Batman soundtrack by Prince. The songs are sooo catchy. Handdyed Merino + mohair.
    handspun yarn/              
    Cynthia/Guttersnipe Yarn

Inspired by (and spun to) the song Defenders of Anarchy from the St.Trinian's soundtrack sung by the cast and Girls Aloud. The song is a pro-girl bubblegum punk manifesto.
    handspun yarn/              
    Karen Barnaby
Inspired by the song Golden Teardrops by the Flamingos
    handspun yarn/              
    Kathy Withers

This skein was inspired by the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky". I last heard it sung by Dolan Ellis, the Arizona State Balladeer. The skein includes horses, a saddle, and boots, as well as the browns of the desert and the blue sky and white clouds of a late evening sky.
    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

Cricket Orchestra - I love to be outside and listen to the sounds of nature...that's music to my ears.
    handspun yarn/              
    Danika/Spinswim handspun yarn

Cosmic Debris/Zappa?
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Spinners were asked to submit their yarns that were inspired by a musician or music. Submissions are still being accepted. Info...