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    Elysium Yarns
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Noche de las Brujas is made out of superwash wool, ecospun, random wools in candy colors, and angelina.
    Gina Surridge/Twisted Fibers
    Shannon Herrick/The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe

"Up the Water Spout"
Navajo 3-ply with 13 felted spiders!
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    "Scary Mohair" from Lado              
    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

In the Magic GoCart
    handspun yarn/
    Cheryl in Ojai

Black Merino, gold silk two ply yarn

    handspun yarn/              
    Nicole Drane/Whirligig Yarns

"Toil and Trouble"
It's a two-ply slubby, bubbly, coily handpainted superwash Merino.
    handspun yarn/              
    Ze' daLuz/KnitZy              
    handspun yarn/
    Velma Root/Colorbomb Creations

Fly Swatter
Wool singles with plastic flies, poly tassels, eyelash yarn bits, and poly thread spun in.
    handspun yarn/
    Lexi Boeger/Pluckyfluff

Barf Salad
    handspun yarn/              
    Juaquetta Holcomb/Garden Party Fibers

    handspun yarn/              
    Naomi Ryono/Knotty Naomi

BFL fiber is from Carrie of Funky Carolina. I spun this thick and thin, adding novelty yarn snippets, kid mohair locks, and angelina. Plied it with red and black nylon threads.
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Spinners were asked to submit their Halloween handspun images.
Submissions no longer being accepted. Info about submitting to other shows...