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    Abby Franquemont/Abby's Yarns

Another Man's Treasure (one man's trash is another man's treasure, as the saying goes.)

Spindle-spun from drum carder waste (what's almost impossible to clean out of the drum carder after carding or blending) and trash fiber, neps, noils, and other people's discards, then plied into a laceweight 2-ply yarn, this yarn makes two statements: first, there's beauty where you don't expect it; and second, specifically about handspinning: a real handspinner, I believe, doesn't need expensive tools or perfectly prepared fiber in order to create excellent and usable yarn; and useable yarn can have just as much of a message as an art yarn.

This yarn is my reaction, as an old-school and traditionalist spinner, to inaccuracies and misinformation and new misconceptions cropping up and running rampant in the burgeoning new spinning movement -- which I'm delighted to see, I just want new spinners to think about the traditional values in textile stuff as well, because I think a lot of new spinners are cheating themselves out of extremely valuable things they could be gaining from the old school, and we could all profit from more interaction between the old-school and new school fiber scenes. Just as I want the new school to be open to the old school, I want the traditionalists to consider that there can be merit in breaking even the most core of rules we've long accepted about yarn.

    handspun fix/jacey boggs/              
    Jacey Boggs/Insubordiknit

A big and bulky 2-ply that speaks more to the history of this country than the day in question. First it begins with a nice handpainted earthy wool, heavily coiled around that is natural bison fiber, because they used to be aplenty in the USA. Soon the earthy brown and green ply fades to browns and pinks, as the pink skinned man landed and decided to make this his home.

Plied with the flesh tones is still bison, but the coils are less and less, also spun in are a few crosses, and some handfelted veggies (white man brought religion, natives shared the harvest). Soon the Bison is no more and the pink and brown is plied with itself with the pink coiling more and more around the brown, choking it out. Less veggies and now a bit of uncarded red as the carnage began...then the blankets (no real smallpox contained). These cycle, few and many, as the cycle of violence and promises tended. Finally the brown becomes less as the red gory bits become more, white is added and soon it's nothing but white and pink...then just white. Remember to be thankful for what you have, but don't forget to be kind and remember what others might not have.

    Jenny/Whirled Yarn

Too Close To Count
The 2006 elections - the numbers are all over the place, some are almost tied, many are thrown for a loop and there is an occasional tear. All combine for a beautiful outcome (in yarn!).

"Making out on the grass"
Made as a wish to loosen up attitudes.
    handspun yarn/              
    Elizabeth O'Donnell/Yarnpunk

Handspun from a deconstructed WWII military shirt and vintage woolen thread. War themed bubble gum charms from the 1960's-70's and military decorations are incorporated into the yarn along with images of atomic mushroom clouds. This yarn, for me, contrasts the darkest aspects of our humanity with the innocence of everyday life that many of us are currently blessed with.
    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

"What would Gandhi Do?"
I made this yarn in May 2006 when there was a lot of grumbling in the online handspinning community about yarn "useability". So I wanted to make something that was totally "useless", at least in the minds of those who have very specific parameters for what "useable" yarn is, think that all yarn must be "useable", and think they need to control what others make.

I am interested in everyone being free to make any kind of yarn and art she/he wants to make with absolutely no interference from anyone else, and it's also one of the reasons I started The Yarn Museum.
    handspun yarn/

Orange Revolution in Ukraine (crazy but beautiful).
    handspun yarn/              
    Melissa Yoder Ricks/Wild Hare

US Healthcare Crisis

My commentary on the financial mess that insurance companies and the US healthcare system have made of the medical profession. For this virtually unusable yarn, I blended shredded US currency with recycled plastic fiber and red angelina and spun lumpy inconsistent singles, which were plied with red "tape". Red acrylic yarn spurts were tied on, followed by bandaids in random places - not necessarily where they would do any good. Possible use for this yarn: to knit a tourniquet. If there were a way to offer this for sale without letting the buyer know the price until after they already had it in their possession and used it, that would be the thing to do.

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Spinners were asked to submit their yarns that make a statement, handspun that was created in response to something they saw and wanted to comment on. Submissions are no longer being accepted. Info about other shows...