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    Brenna Flood/Brennx0rYarn

WPI: ~5
    handspun yarn/              
    Beth Logmeann

This fluffy yarn is spun from a Falklands/Angelina batt, then plied with holographic thread. This is my very first bulky yarn--I usually go for nice, skinny sock yarn. Its hard to say how many wraps per inch it has: it varies greatly, but averages about 3 wpi. and the length is approx 165 yds. My 4-year old son fell in love with it and went around wearing it around his neck. He declared he wanted to be my yarn for halloween!
    Naomi Ryono/Knotty Naomi

Superwash wool from Virginia of Fat Cat Knits was plied with a bead mix.
    Jenny Turco/Bees Knees Knitting

Frosty – handpainted, handcarded and handspun in soft wools, mohair, angora, silk and angelina in a variety of light to dark blues. Spun in super bulky weight, then plied around a black thread that has little poofs in various blues. Scattered throughout are bouncy spirals in white mohair, pale blue silk/wool and opal sparkle angelina. (Snowmen buttons are not attached to yarn.)
    handspun yarn/              

Spun with merino, Peace Fleece and glitz!
    handspun yarn/              
    Jessica/In Hope

This is my super bulky 4 wpi baby....I call it 70s House Wife.
    handspun yarn/
    Joanna Ratcliffe

The fibre was hand painted by me and spun thick on my Jenkins Turkish Spindle, then plied on my Ashford Kiwi!
    handspun yarn/              
    Lynn Wigell/The Yarn Wench

This yarn is from my Madame Lumpy Gypsy series and is called Madame Lumpy's Bohemian Cousin Sophie. She is made up of a little bit of everything including wool, sari silk, silk, angelina, various locks, tencel, mohair, soysilk, sequins, and beads.
    handspun yarn/              
    Erin Suliak

Royale was meant to be a delicate sock yarn but once I started spinning the handdyed wool/nylon blend ordered me turn it into a voluptuously extravagant slightly thick and thin bulky 2-ply.
    handspun yarn/
    Aimee Knerr/Pancake and Lulu

Fruit Cake Gypsy Yarn
Bulky Merino with all sorts of other fiber oddments added in

    handspun yarn/
    Mary McKenzie/Mary McK

Fraggle Rock/3 wpi
    handspun yarn/              
    Penny/Penny Lane Yarn

This yarn weighed 18 ounces!! I was trying to use up a bunch of leftover bits and had more then I thought. It was pretty funny on the spindle and was falling off near the end. (quarter at right for scale)
    handspun yarn/              

This is a single ply super bulky yarn made from English Leicester locks straight from Australia then washed and dyed by HollyEQQ. This yarn also has a bit of suri alpaca, lots of green angelina, and green rayon. It is super soft and has lots of curls and character! This is a lotta yarn and pretty much defines the word bulky! 63 yards and 7.1 oz
    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

Witchy Garden 1 wrap = 1.5"
    handspun yarn/              
    Susan Ringler/Out of Step Yarn

Oceans of bulky white merino and blue Jacob's wool

    handspun yarn/              
    Linda Koch/Altered Visions

Falling Leaves
This is BFL locks spun thick and thin @ 4-5 WPI (some more in the thinner parts!) 5 oz., 90 yards solar dyed by me! I love to spin locks mainly, and then dye the skeins after they are spun.

    handspun yarn/              
    Velma Root/Colorbomb Creations

Like Buttah
17 yds., 3 oz., 2WPI Fluffy, lofty, butter-colored kid mohair locks corespun teased and airy around a magenta millspun mohair yarn, which just peeks through here and there.
    handspun yarn/              
    Marie-Christine Gosse

I have carded some Holly EQQ's Merino and it is quicker to do this bulky 6.25m than 1.25m in kumihimo on a marudaï. (picture here) But what about this skein becoming a nice kumihimo?
    handspun yarn/              
    Andrea Minicozzi/A Rare Breed

~7 wpi – natural colored Border Leicester – hand carded and drop spindled/plyed.
    handspun yarn/              
    Melissa Halvorson/Year of the Goat

This one is local Cormo wool hand-dyed also 2 wpi in most
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