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Carolyn Dean/The Flying Ewe

Since shells are a result of an animal, I felt it would qualify under this category! This is handdyed Corriedale in gentle blushing hues plied with an acrylic cotton yarn which is very shimmery. The result reminds me of the varying tones of the inside of a seashell.

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Meet Bzzzzzzz...
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    Joy Hayworth/Fabulosity Yarn

Bengal Tiger
I dyed merino roving in varying shades of oranges before spinning it thick and thin. I then plied it with a shiny black mystery thread that I found at my local second hand store.
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    Brenna Flood/brennx0ryarn

Inspiration: Traveling the beaches of Maui and discovering fossils in the rock, all of extraordinary colors.

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    Jennifer Green/Desert Garden Farms

"Sock Monkey". It consists of grey Rambo wool that has been wrapped in red lambswool yarn that was rescued from an old sweater. The colors and the playfulness just make me think of the old sock monkeys we used to play with.
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    Veronika von Allmen/Snowberry & Lime

Hand dyed and handspun Merino yarn with added seed beads and silvery dragonfly beads.
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    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon

Woozle: It's somewhere between a sheep and a poodle.
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    Autumn Glock

Merino wool with Parrot feathers and thread binding.
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Spinners were asked to submit their handspun images that included references to animals, real or imagined. Submissions no longer being accepted. Info on submitting to other shows...