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Jenny Neutron Star/JennyNeutronStar
St. Patty's Pub
  Michael Cook/Wormspit
Tram (40d8 with no twist) and organzine yarns (40d4x2) , hand reeled from domestic Bombyx silk cocoons. Dyed with Brilliant Blue and Teal acid dyes.
  Ruth Tully/Sheepychic Yarns   Britta Cruz/Dreamland Art   Lynn Stallone/Fuzzy Fibers   Crys Mascarenas/Polyartgirl   Riin Gill/Happy Fuzzy Yarn   Lynn Wigell/Yarnwench
Pharaoh's Tomb
  Sylvia Sherriff/From the Sheep's Back
Overkill: Handcarded alpaca, Black Welsh Mt. Wensleydale, BFL, mohair, angora + tussah silk. (An experiment in corespinning.)
  Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon
Cowgirl Mouth, silks and wool
  Melissa Halvorson/Year of the Goat   Jacey Boggs/Insubordiknit
Trickle Down Economics
  Kristi Schueler/Fiber Fool   Barbe Saint John/Saints & Sinners
Strawberry Fields Forever
  Holly Klump/misshawklet   Jenny Turco/Bees Knees Knitting
Sadie: Handspun cruelty-free natural grey Cotswold wool dyed black and carded with onyx flash angelina. Spun with sections of: strings of black iridescent sequins; strings of tiny black iridescent beads; and black ribbon adorned with hanging black iridescent and shiny beads.
  Angela Place/MaterialWhirled
Tickle Spot
  Sandy Ryan/Homestead Wool + Gift Farm
2 ply, includes wool, silk fabric and vintage doilies
  Holly Braddock




Spinners were asked to submit their handspun images of any kind of for the first Yarn Museum show. Submissions no longer being accepted, but please submit to other shows! Info...

Here you'll see the entries for the Anything Goes Show. Enjoy!
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